2015    C A L E N D A R

We meet regularly each month, usually the 1st and 3rd Tuesday’s of each month unless there is a speaker that requires a different day of the week.  We usually meet at the Caldwell County Library, 120 Hospital Ave, Lenoir, NC  28645, downstairs in the meeting rooms at 7pm.

MAY 2015

5/5 – Caldwell TEA Party meeting. Candidate for NCGOP State Chair CRAIG COLLINS an attorney from Gastonia.  This will be at the Caldwell County Public Library, 120 Hospital Ave, Lenoir, NC 28645.

5/14 – Thursday – Caldwell TEA Party – NC State Representative George Robinson and NC Rep. Robert Brawley will be at the Lenoir library at 7:00pm  to give us an update on what is going in Raleigh with attention to the Road Tolls that are being discussed.

5/19 – Caldwell TEA Party meeting. Candidate for NCGOP State Chair AJ DAOUD 6th District Chair.  (Also, another candidate running for NCGOP Chairmanship, Hasan Harnett, will be speaking at a Charlotte TEA Party meeting at 6pm and will try to make it up to see us by 8pm.) This will be at the Caldwell County Public Library, 120 Hospital Ave, Lenoir, NC 28645.

JUNE 2015

6/5-7 – NCGOP Convention in Raleigh. You must have attended the county convention and signed up to be a delegate to the state convention in order to be eligible. However, you can go watch the convention business and attend fundraiser dinners, etc… without being a delegate, you just can’t vote.

In the works:  Part II of Convention of States (the other side). We will show video highlights featuring Publius Hulda and others against the Convention of States. We are working on a speaker as well. This will be at the Caldwell County Public Library, 120 Hospital Ave, Lenoir, NC 28645.

============ O L D   D A T E S ======================= O L D   D A T E S ============================= O L D   D A T E S ============================= O L D   D A T E S ============================= O L D   D A T E S ============================= O L D   D A T E S =================

  APRIL 2015

4/7 – NO TEA Party MEETING.

4/14 – Caldwell County GOP meeting.  New Committee introductions and reports. The Chairman details his plan forward for the next 2 years. “It’s not going to be business as usual,” said Bill Stone.

4/15 –  C-POWER is having their meeting at Olive Garden in Wilkesboro.  Trevor Loudon is the guest speaker.  Here is a quick video of his.  You’ll want to be there to hear what he has to say. I believe he is having a book signing as well for “Barack Obama and the Enemies Within” and “Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists, and Progressives in the US Government.” He has been publicly highlighting Obama’s ties to Communists/Communism. Update:

4/21 – Caldwell TEA Party meeting. . DISCUSSION about the Trevor Loudon presentation and short video. We will share Loudon’s dream team for 2016. Our speaker will be the new Caldwell County GOP Chairman Pete McIllwain. You will like what he had to say about unifying the party. As usual, the meeting will be at the Caldwell County Public Library, 120 Hospital Ave, Lenoir, NC 28645.

4/25 – 11th District GOP Convention.

  MARCH 2015

3/3 – Caldwell TEA Party meeting.  Richard Holloway of Lenoir has just been appointed by Gov Pat McCrory to replace Judge Dellinger of the 25 District Court. Judge Holloway was with the district attorney’s office for the past 16 years so he is very familiar with the District Court system. Come and meet with him.  Also some discussion of Net Neutrality and what it means for us.

3/5 – Caldwell Dems General Party meeting will be this Thursday at 5:30pm at 622 West Ave (in the basement office). There is a parking lot and street parking. This is in downtown Lenoir right beside the Rescue building – very near the Post Office. We are organizing precincts – hope to see you there! Website.

3/12 – Convention of States conference call. See instructions here.

3/14 – Caldwell County Republican Party county convention. Starts at 9am, registration opens around 8am. Breakfast food will be available to purchase. This is open to all registered Republicans living in Caldwell County. You must be a registered Republican by 1/31/15. It is free. This is your best and only chance all year to make changes to YOUR party. A new Chairman will be elected at this convention. DOORS WILL CLOSE AT 9AM. IF YOU ARE LATE, you will not be allowed to vote or participate, but you can watch. All you have to do is just show up on time! At the Caldwell County Library, 120 Hospital Ave, Lenoir, NC  28645.

3/17 – Caldwell TEA Party meeting with guest Mike Faulkenberry a national director with the Convention of States Project will be our guest. It is important for us to find out why a convention is possible and how it would affect our country. For more info about this organization, see their website:  Come to the meeting with questions!  Article V is one remedy for out of control government.  Their solution. Their strategy. 7pm at the Caldwell County Library.


2/3 – Tuesday – Caldwell TEA Party meeting – ATTENTION: MOTHERS – FATHERS – GRANDPARENTS.  Learn More Information about COMMON CORE: It’s About Testing and Sharing Private Info About Students and Families.  Have you wondered why your kids are so frustrated with school?  Have you wondered how to do some of their homework?  Have you wondered, “Why are they asking them to do THIS?” Have you wondered what the real goals of this curriculum are?  Join us for answers, Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015, at 7pm at the Caldwell Public Library.  Everyone is welcome! Read more at

2/5 – Caldwell Dems General Party meeting will be this Thursday at 5:30pm at 622 West Ave (in the basement office). There is a parking lot and street parking. This is in downtown Lenoir right beside the Rescue building – very near the Post Office. Website.

2/17 – TUESDAY – CANCELED  ——– Caldwell TEA Party meeting with guest Mike Faulkenberry from Convention of States, Article V remedy for out of control government.  Their solution. Their strategy. 7pm at the Caldwell County Library.

2/28Burke County GOP Lincoln-Reagan Dinner at the Rec Center in Morganton. Gov.McCrory, Senator Tillis, and Representative Mark Meadows will be attending. Tickets are $10/person. EMAIL Chuck Parris for details. This is a really good group of people working hard in an all Democrat county. UPDATE: They sold over 400 tickets and it looked like everybody showed up!! It was a great evening.


1/20 – Caldwell Tea Party meeting at the Lenoir library. 7:00 pm. Planning meeting for upcoming GOP county convention, so come with ideas.

North Carolina’s Convention of States schedule details here:

January 22 –  WILMINGTON – 8 am
RALEIGH – 7 pm
January 23 –   WINSTON-SALEM – 7 pm
January 24 –   MOORESVILLE –10 am

1/29 – Caldwell County GOP Executive Committee meeting to nominate and vote on the appointment of the now vacant NC House seat, subject to Governor McCrory’s approval. Meeting will be held at the Lenoir library at 7:00 pm. Open to all registered Republicans and the press. Only Executive Committee members will be allowed to vote. Voting will be done by secret ballot.

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  12. Cliff Muncy says:

    The “” website states on it’s “Why Marriage Matters” page, as follows, “Protecting the interests of children is the primary reason that government regulates and licenses marriage in the first instance.” I believe there is a major element of misinformation which we may be missing here. Marriage is a union defined and instituted by God. The government should not be allowed to require permission in order for us to do something which was instituted by God in the first place. This site says that it is licensed by the government as a “protection” for the children; and yet, there are many cases throughout history which illustrate that just the opposite is true. This licensing by the state in fact implies a sense of “ownership” of the children by the state. The state licenses your marriage, and therefore they gain some say-so over what becomes of its fruits (the children).

    My wife and I were married without a license under what is called a Covenant Wedding Ceremony. It is a lawful ceremony and union, but is still not widely recognized by the (de facto) state of North Carolina. To us, we would rather not invite the state into our relationship, but allow our covenant to stand on it’s own between myself, my wife, and God. I would encourage the readers here to seek out more information concerning marriage to confirm what I am saying. I would like to leave you with a few resources so that you can do your own research. Most of the resources can be found in and at the end of the following blog post:

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  23. Toni Pierce says:

    Dear Tea Party Leader,

    Promoting voter registration is one important way Tea Party groups can make an impact on the future of America. As we gear up for the 2014 midterm elections, we invite you to post our free online voter registration tools on your website!

    Our Voter Lookup Tool lets you check on whether your friends and family are registered to vote, and our Voter Registration Tool lets you fill out a voter registration form for your state online, print it, sign it, and mail it in. Both are very simple to download and very easy to use.

    To add these tools to your website:

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    If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Tina Lazzell at
    Thank you for your commitment to make a difference in our country


    Toni Pierce


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