MEETING 8/19 7pm at Library

8/19 -Caldwell TEA Party MEETING at 7pm at the library. Confirmed GUEST: Dr. Ortrud Crist, author and minister, speaking on the history and events leading up to WWII and how the citizens of Germnay were manipulated by their government. Her bio Consider this, TOLSTOY said, “History would be great if it were true.” Santyana said, “Those who don’t learn History are doomed to repeat it.”

Dr. Crist has followed her parents and grandparents example for standing up for her convictions, getting involved, and making a difference in her new country – America.   By sharing her family experiences, she hopes to encourage Americans to preserve a free country for our children and grandchildren.  Educating ourselves is essential.  Come join us at 7:00pm.  Come early to meet Dr. Crist.

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Red Alert: Call Senators on Executive Order amnesty

Please consider calling the Senators today and thru the August recess and tell them you are against nullifying U.S. immigration laws that will create more lawless mass intrusion illegal Border entry on America that is bringing negative impacts to American Communities, American Workers and all Taxpayers.  These negative impacts would not have to happen if the Executive branch would do its job to deter and enforce against illegal entry.  Congress has done its job or rather the House has as it was the Senate that left town early WITHOUT EVEN NEGOTIATING — and it is mainly particular to Democrats that are complicit with careless wanting to flood the U.S. with illegal Aliens (“undocumented non-immigrants”) yielding the notion that there are no immigration laws or such thing as a U.S. Border, that is hurting Middle Class families and poor American Workers that Democrats claim they strive to help.  The President said that he wanted “comprehensive immigration reform” (CIR) which is the lie betrayal of amnesty because then Border security won’t ever get done which is why CIR is a failure for America just as it was in 1986 and in the 1990’s.  Congress has done its job as “comprehensive immigration reform” is the failure of amnesty attempted to be repeated and is rejected as an option because the possibility of  “immigration reform” is dependent on Border security being done according to the Federal government’s duty of National Security.

We asked you to support Sen. Jeff Sessions’ (R-Ala.) call to action, and you responded in a big way! But our work is far from done and we need more phone calls.

A few weeks ago, the House of Representatives passed H.R.5272, Rep. Marsha Blackburn’s (R-Tenn.) bill that would defund Pres. Obama’s DACA amnesty and an expanded amnesty for illegal aliens. Where does your Senator stand?

1) Call your Senators: Call both your Senators in their D.C. offices and demand that they issue a public statement either in support or in opposition to an expansion of Pres. Obama’s executive amnesty. Also tell them to urge Majority Leader Harry Reid to bring the Blackburn bill to the Senate floor for a vote. . We must keep the phones ringing in every Senator’s office.

The House took aggressive action to stop the ongoing, illegal-alien border surge and to prevent Pres. Obama from granting work permits to millions of illegal aliens. But the Senate has done nothing to address the surge and the president’s threat to expand his executive amnesties.


Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) is calling on all Americans to pressure their Senators to take a stand on Pres. Obama’s plan to grant amnesty to another 5-6 million illegal aliens. Will you answer Sen. Sessions’ call to action?

“It is true that Majority Leader Reid is blocking it from a vote. But Reid acts only with the blessing of his members in the Democrat conference so the American people have the power to force it to a vote through their elected senators.”

– Sen. Sessions, Aug. 12, 2014

To every member of the public, red state or blue state or purple state, call your Senator and ask them where they stand. Ask them if they support the House bill to block executive amnesty and if they will demand it receive a vote. You are a citizen of this country and you are entitled to a clear answer to this question.

– Sen. Sessions

Call your two U.S. Senators and demand: 1) that they take a public position on Pres. Obama’s plans to expand his executive amnesty to 5-6 million illegal aliens and 2) urge Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to get Senators on the record by bringing the Blackburn bill to the floor for a vote.

MORE INFO on SEVERITY of an Executive Order Amnesty:

Beyond the Real Problem of 5-6 Million Illegal Intruders Will Be Granted Amnesty…

The real problem will also BE the tens-of-millions who will immediately follow… who will simply walk across our unsecure border or overstay their VISAS… with a firm knowledge that once they are here, Obama will never send them home.

It’s no exaggeration. Echoing Sessions call, Senator Rand Paul says: “Unless the programs President Obama expanded via executive fiat are shut down, it will be impossible to secure our border and put a stop to this crisis.”

And there’s another problem. It should go without saying… but if Barack Obama is allowed to issue such a dictatorial degree, without resistance… then, what is next?

The short answer is: TYRANNY. Sessions again: “Surely we know that the President cannot make law. … This we learn in grade school. … Allowing any president to nullify law is a threat to the future of our Republic and the power of the people.”

Senator Rand Paul: “[Barack] Obama can’t wipe immigration laws off the books just because he claims he has a pen and a phone and wants to act.”

And make no mistake, Barack Obama created this crisis: Rand Paul, yet again: “You see, it was [Barack] Obama’s reckless executive orders that created the conditions for tens of thousands of men, women, teenagers – and even children – to flood across our Southern border.”

Even The Hill’s A.B. Stoddard – no “Tea Party radical” by any stretch of the imagination – said Obama’s dictatorial decree would be “a nuclear bomb” and bring about a “constitutional crisis.”

Make no mistake. We are experiencing a constitutional crisis, right here and right now. We are about to watch Barack Obama attempt to implement a clear and present threat to the future of our Republic… and we must not be silent.

We owe it to those who came before us and bled for this country and we owe it to our children and grandchildren to fight.

      Senator Sessions again: “[S]urely it’s not a matter of debate, among Democrat or Republican, that the President cannot make law or nullify law. He just cannot. Thus, we must in unity call on President Obama not to go through with his stated desire to eviscerate long and duly established American immigration law. What law might the next president ignore, bend, or nullify?”

Session goes on to say: “My remarks are not in the nature of negotiation or compromise. To yield on important principles in order to avoid a threatened unlawful action can never be honorable. To do so is to capitulate to intimidation. So Mr. President, we, the peoples’ representatives, will not be intimidated. We cannot yield. Our duty is clear. To defend the duly established and moral immigration laws of this country, while at the same time defending the constitutional order of this nation.”

We are often amazed by the emails and phone calls that we receive from people who ask if their faxes and calls to our elected officials have any effect. We are often – far too often – asked: “Why should I bother faxing or calling elected officials… they aren’t listening anyway?

And yet, such a defeatist attitude is contradicted by the facts:

Your faxes and phone calls just stopped our elected officials from giving Barack Obama 3.7 billion dollars to implement his illegal alien invasion.

Your faxes and phone calls forced our elected officials to form a Select Committee on Benghazi-Gate.

And it was your faxes and phone calls which stopped our elected officials from sweeping IRS abuses under the rug.


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MEETING – Tuesday 7pm at Library

Caldwell TEA Party MEETING with candidates on Tuesday night 8/5 at 7pm at the library. Meet and greet is at 6:30pm. Candidates always welcome!

Everyone is welcome. Bring a friend.

Next meeting is 8/19.

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Red Alert: Amnesty, legal status threat continues –Friday 8/1– NO Legalization of ANY kind

RED ALERT: CALL YOUR Congressman tomorrow morning!  AMNESTY threat that will continue unlimited illegal invasion of U.S. and your town/city.  TELL Them — Legal Status for illegal Aliens in ANY form is a betrayal attack on the Nation, American People that will do nothing but continue the problem of illegal invasion.  NO ‘Work Permits’, NO ID cards, NO relief by allowing them to stay with laws off their back — ANY inclusion of language of legal status such as some kind of permit, “temporary guest-worker” or work permit is unacceptable to be included in bill — we would rather have NO BILL!!!  Hiring ILLEGAL Aliens is illegal by current law and it is meant to be a deterrent.  Allowing “work permits” allows illegal Aliens to stay, get entrenched in a job and then hence runoff and never leave the U.S. — IT IS AMNESTY.

We need to continue pounding the phones all day Friday.  We have managed to push them back to Act for America and not betray sellout the Nation from being flooded into a 3rd world State.  IF a bill is to be passed it can only be minimums — some money, mandate National Guard, fix 2008 law loophole, defund the illegal 2012 DACA executive order amnesty, banish Executive order action.  Rewarding ILLEGAL ALiens solves nothing, will bring more invasion. It’s time to put America, Legal Immigrants and the American People first, NOT ILLEGAL Invaders!

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New update on amnesty threat

RED ALERT: CALL the Congress REPS. and SENATORS! TELL Them NO on HR 5230!!! BETRAYAL AGAINST AMERICANS IS AFOOT! ANY form of legalization (legal status) for illegal Aliens will mean that America’s National Security defense, U.S. Laws and Border sovereignty will NEVER GET DONE!!!!! CONTACT Repubs and Dems ALL and voice your disapproval that they want to put illegal Aliens and their welfare concerns as priority ahead of Americans and your family.

Our phone calls have made great impact thus far and phone lines were jammed on Monday — but negotiations and threat continues.    Continue to make it clear that there should be NO FUNDING ALLOWED as long as the Prez demands Executive order amnesty or the awful Senate bill “comprehensive immigration reform” legalization AMNESTY be passed in inclusion with any House bill.

Passing or allowing amnesty or legal status for illegal Aliens by the House could result in severe losses for the GOP in the coming election.  Executive Order threat of amnesty NOT a reason for GOP to cave in thinking that, what’s the difference if the Prez is going to illegally do it anyway — NO!!  NO Rubber stamping illegal destructive actions against the U.S and American families and Legal Immigrants.



The bogus arguments now being made by pro-illegal Alien persons is that crime and violence in these foreign countries is excuse for amnesty, not deporting, being allowed to stay — SORRY but NO — the violence and crime by ILLEGAL ALIENS on Americans kills 4000 Americans annually!!!
SO — SOB stories about illegals is a false story because Americans would not have to suffer our sob stories and crime IF the Fed. Govt. would enforce our laws and secure the Border which has Right to self defense. AMNESTY solves NOTHING and only continues the problem — only can be corrected by law enforcement and deterrence.

Let’s melt the phone lines in DC and fill up voice mail boxes!

Thanks to all those calling and consider to continue effort.

CALL your Rep’s office today 888-995-2085 and tell them to VOTE NO on H.R. 5230 because it DOES NOT block Obama executive plan to grant amnesty to millions more illegal aliens!

-IT ONLY TAKES A MINUTE- Call and give your zip code to the operator to be directly connected to YOUR Representative’s office!

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Red Alert: Call Congressmen on immigration legislation and to STOP amnesty

Senator Jeff Sessions says the danger of another unilateral Executive Order mass amnesty from the President is being considered! 

“The consent of the governed is not consent if the governed is not informed” – as such Executive Orders are dictatorial and unConstitutional to manifest legislation because they are not legislated by Congress and not approved by the will of the American People.

Immediate calls needed.

Please consider making phone calls to the Reps. and Senators today and thru the week as action occurs on illegal immigration to avoid bad outcomes.   Two important calls needed:

1) Calls to both chambers to demand that Pres. Obama’s planned administrative amnesty be blocked before any new money is given him.

2) Call House Members — tell them to support HR 5160, the Marsha Blackburn bill AND then tell them NO on the Cornyn-Cuellar bill — the HUMANE Act.

Please oppose the border bill introduced by Sen. John Cornyn and Rep. Henry Cuellar (HUMANE ACT) as this bill actually further complicates the process of removing illegal alien minors by giving them an additional hearing before an immigration judge to attempt to establish they have a legitimate claim to stay in the U.S.  In addition, the Cornyn-Cuellar bill allows illegal alien minors who have received final deportation orders in the past 18 months to get those orders expunged and re-apply for admission to the U.S.!! (To learn more, read FAIR’s summary of the Cornyn-Cuellar bill.)  The bill includes portions of another bill introduced by Rep. Michael McCaul that would actually weaken existing immigration law.   In particular, this House bill is damaging because the bill does nothing to address the real cause of the crisis. It does not attempt to stop President Obama’s non-enforcement policies or his administrative amnesty programs. And it does nothing to impede President Obama from fulfilling his promise to grant administrative amnesty to millions of illegal aliens in the U.S. by the end of the summer.

Democrats as well as Republicans need to be called. It is important for Democrats — three months before elections — to hear just how unpopular these amnesties are

Make one or more of the following points to the congressional staffer who answers the phone:

1. You object to Pres. Obama by himself giving another mass amnesty to illegal aliens. The news media are reporting that he plans to do it soon, and you are outraged.

2. Congress should not give the President any of the money he wants for the Border Surge unless the bill prohibits the President from issuing any more work permits to illegal aliens without congressional approval. Ask if the Representative will promise to insist on that.

3. Tell them you support H.R.5160 by Rep. Blackburn that blocks any more go-it-alone amnesties by a President.

(The Blackburn bill would prohibit any federal agency or instrumentality from using federal funding or resources to: (1) consider or adjudicate any new or previously denied application of any alien requesting consideration of deferred action for childhood arrivals, as authorized by Executive memorandum on August 15, 2012; or (2) authorize any alien to work in the United States who was not lawfully admitted into the United States and who is not in lawful status in the United States on the date of enactment of this Act.)

Additional important background info:

1. As Congress has debated how to respond to the President’s request for $3.7 billion in extra funding, House leaders have insisted that policy changes must accompany the money. They have focused specifically on changing the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act (TVPRA) of 2008 to allow minors from Central America to be processed and deported quickly like minors from Mexico.

While this is a laudable goal, the Senate has vowed to block any changes to the 2008 Act. And, if policy changes are sent to the Senate, any legislation that returns to the House is likely to contain some sort of amnesty or other bad policy changes. This would set up a dangerous scenario for a conference committee or action in a lame-duck session of Congress.

  1. President Obama has made it clear that he does not care whether Congress amends the 2008 Act to speed up the removal of minors from Central America. Just last Thursday, the White House confirmed that it is considering a plan to admit even MORE Honduran, Guatemalan and Salvadoran minors by giving them refugee status -an act that requires outright ignoring the legal definition of a refugee. Granting refugee status to these minors would nullify any legislation Congress passes to speed up the processing and deportation of illegal alien minors crossing the border.

  2. Under the guise of “prosecutorial discretion,” President Obama has blatantly refused to enforce our immigration laws, ordering immigration agents to essentially ignore all illegal aliens who have not been convicted of violent crimes. Removals of illegal alien minors have dropped nearly 80 percent during his Administration. Even President Obama’s former director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) unapologetically declared that the chances of the average illegal being deported are “close to zero.”
    To make matters worse, President Obama has circumvented Congress and adopted administrative amnesty programs, such as the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA), that shield illegal aliens from deportation. These policies have sent a clear message around the world: if you come, you can stay

————Former Border Patrol Agent describes deception and that Border is not secure.  Strong points made at the 4:30 minute mark and on..

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Americans rally in protest against illegal immigration & mass Border invasion – Lenoir, NC

10559839_741598585881300_1061397432943109992_n  This protest rally in Lenoir, NC  was done as part of a Nationwide Protest with a coalition of more than 50 groups and organizations of various sizes.  Protests against illegal immigration and the wrongfully inspired surge of illegals at America’s borders took place in more than 300 locations. Protests even occurred in Alaska and Hawaii.  Many protests occurred in front of Mexican Consulates calling on Americans to boycott Mexico. The protests were highly visible and some were small with a handful of people on overpasses with others being larger with hundreds of people.   Americans of all races, political parties, and walks of life surged in defense of the Nation as we stand in protest of illegal immigration and the ill-fated actions, message and behavior of U.S. Officials that assisted to manifest the current illegal immigrant surge and invasion at our borders!

WE the People are sending a strong message to the Community, Lawmakers and Washington DC!!  WE will be standing up for Legal Immigration to the U.S. And the value of American Citizenship and speaking out against the illegal invasion of the U.S. and those aiding and abetting undocumented illegal Aliens that violate America and bring harm to American families. Americans marched in U.S. Towns,cities and streets standing up for U.S. Law and our sovereign Land and the American Flag!!

It is truly incredible that we are achieving these hundreds of protests across the nation large and small without any major television coverage prior to our launch! No major TV network, not even Fox News, would report beforehand despite our best attempts!

It is clear that the surge of illegal immigrants on our borders coming for the immigration reform amnesty promised by Obama and some Republicans has brought a great change in public views on this issue.   We hope it will manifest in the 2014 elections in the removal of immigration reform amnesty supporting Republicans like incumbent Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee and in the defeat of a historic number of Obama allied Democrats this November!”

This picture shows the kids were told by the President that it is OK for them to come on up for amnesty…

safe_image (8)

However these are not children who also came in the Border invasion:  936066_770902279599521_8488025758684113637_n

We stand in solidarity with the brave Americans who turned back the secret bus loads of illegals in Murrieta, CA and Oracle, AZ along with more than 20 other communities that are saying No to DHS Homeland Security buses bringing in 1000’s of illegal Aliens to U.S. towns, cities like Boston, Massachusetts or Oklahoma, Washington in an orchestrated invasion of our homeland!  On Friday, we had more than 100 successful protests large and small that are generating massive amounts of local media and rapidly raising public awareness of the true nature of this KNOWN crisis that started in October 2013!  The hundreds of protests have achieved the goals of raising public awareness of the Executive branch’s failure to do its job in protecting the American People and national security.  The goal of putting Politicians on notice was also achieved and several protest locations had candidates running for Congress present.

WE the People affirm: 1) The current surge of illegal immigrants crossing our border amounts to an invasion and is NOT acceptable and must be stopped.
2.) Our borders MUST be secured and our current laws utilized to produce deterrence and enforcement against harmful illegal entry of the United States.
3) Any form of amnesty or legalization for illegals is NOT acceptable and NOT possible because the Border is clearly NOT secure.
4) The Federal government should be serving America and Americans, NOT illegal immigrants deliberately mass intruding the U.S. – putting the stopping of illegal entry of America’s communities and National security as their priority.  Only when you stop illegal entry at the U.S.-Mexico Border can this crisis be solved.
5) Comprehensive immigration reform is not a solution because it is a repeat of the exact same failed policy of 1986 and the 1990’s where legalization of illegal immigrants occurs before Border Security and enforcement making the legislation a sham of empty future promises that fails America’s security that only encourages more illegal immigration.
6) Boycott Mexico and Mexican products to send message to Mexican Government that they have a responsibility to their relations to their United States neighbor.
7) America has the sovereign Right to self-defense and to not be violated, to enforce against criminal assault on its Citizens by any foreign Nation.
8) Maximize new construction of the Border Fence/wall to deter illegal entry and send the National Guard to the Border to stop illegal entry of the U.S.

10547466_741598609214631_7706658349290552432_n  Op-Ed article:

This protest for legal immigration and Border Security is to serve notice that the American People and Legal Immigrants find the particular problem of mass illegal entry at the U.S.-Mexico Border amounts to an invasion and is an unacceptable offense to all of our United States.  America has always welcomed immigrants seeking a better life and there is a proper legal way to do so with many immigrants waiting in line.  Over the history of the U.S., Millions of immigrants have entered the U.S. Legally without problem or acts of illegal hostile crime.  Lack of enforcement and Border Security is why the immigration system is violated, the immigration system is not broken, it is just not enforced.  The current 0bama Administration has wrongly actively encouraged this current worsening of the crisis by lowering enforcement requirements of the ICE and Border Patrol Depts. and by doing the unconstitutional action of the deferred status Dream Act of 2012.

When the U.S. Starts enforcing our laws, many more persons of foreign Nations will decide not to enter the U.S. Illegally.  The system will begin to function and take care of itself once our Politicians start acting as responsible leaders, serving to protect U.S. Citizens and U.S. Sovereignty from violation….rather than betraying America (for money, votes or whatever reason) and helping illegal Aliens violate America  The whole point of doing immigration reform is to end illegal entry of our Border and its harmful impacts.  But immigration reform then does not mean to simply have a guest-worker program that hands out a visa to an unlimited number of immigrants that then would flood the U.S. With unneeded foreign workers.  With 25 million unemployed Americans it makes no sense  to double our legal immigration under a “guest-worker” program that would import 33 million foreign workers. The U.S. Already is the most generous Nation in the world taking in more immigrants then the rest of the world combined, taking in 1 million legal Immigrants annually and the U.S. Job market needs to provide American Citizens with jobs first and foremost.

The harmful negative impacts of illegal immigration costs the U.S. $113 billion annually and costs NC $1 billion annually.  $30 Billion is also stolen off the U.S. By illegal Alien workers sending their money out of the U.S back to their home country.  Illegal immigration IS taxation that is stealing that hurts American families.  Intended and unintended crimes of illegal immigration are ID theft, fake ID’s, homicides, DUI deaths, rape, gangs, drugs, overcrowded schools and hospitals, lawlessness and many more that does not have to happen if the Border would be secured.  Giving in-state tuition, driver licenses, social security payouts or earned income payouts to illegal Aliens is a wrongful incentive that brings more illegal entry and these benefits should never be enacted or ended.  Driver licenses for illegal Aliens is also a loophole threat to National Security in terms of terrorism and should never occur because it is NOT about the false argument pro-illegals use of safety or insurance. Driver licenses for illegals is for providing cover from being arrested/deported and worse gives them access to institutions and benefits that is only for U.S. Citizens and Legal immigrants.  Americans by no means should be paying more taxes to have themselves violated.  Illegal Employers hiring illegal Aliens profiting from cheap labor are being illegally subsidized at the expense of American communities and national territorial integrity.  Illegal immigrants don’t have worker Rights due to the fact they are illegal foreign Nationals being illegally hired.

The Superpower U.S. Can secure its own Borders and enforce with the all the current laws on the books where the President does not need any new law to act.  Border Security needs to be done, for multiple good reasons – National Security, U.S. Sovereignty, terrorism, stopping disease, illegal contraband/drugs, integrity of territory, defining U.S. States and U.S. Law jurisdiction. The President wrongly wants select which laws he wants to use and those he wants to ignore and hence the Executive branch is more at fault then Congress because the President can act to stop the crisis under current laws.  The will of the American People rejects the current “immigration reform” Senate bill (S.744 – 2500 pages full of wordy designed-to-fail Border security DHS process) that the President wants because it is a harmful unworkable bad bill and the same false sham failure of amnesty legalization.  Local Law enforcement should have a way to detain and deport illegal Aliens in the normal course of their everyday duties such as the 287g program that was working but was gutted buy the President.  Deportation of illegal immigrants is simply a process that all Nations of the world carry out and with good reason.  It may be unfortunate that illegal Aliens return to their country of origin as easily as they entered but they are responsible for their criminal action and know what they are doing when they illegally cross the Border.

The U.S. Can help other nations and build Immigrants up but not at the expense and destruction of America itself. We welcome Legal Immigrants but reject Illegal (undocumented Immigrants) Aliens.   Enforcement and Border Security are legitimate healthy laws to prevent harm to society and Legal Immigrants. NO amnesty, NO legalization status, NO guest-worker program.  U.S. Laws and territorial integrity is to be done in U.S. Terms for America, NOT to the terms of an illegal intruding foreign populous or any other foreign Nation and what they want.  It is no longer feasible to proclaim or reason to talk about what illegal Aliens are to get or what they want.  It is time to put America first for Americans future and as such this debate can only start and now be based on what the actions of enforcement and security are to be….how many National Guard, Border patrol on the Border NOT 45 miles inland off the Border, use of deterrence by apprehension and pushback that prevents illegal Aliens from walking across the Border like they are on vacation with an intent to steal and pillage, how tall, long and where to make the Border wall.  A robust new Border fence makes good neighbors honest especially when the neighbor can’t be trusted. Border security, enforcement, deterrence has to be the priority now, because the problem cannot be resolved without it being done first, which is why the past “comprehensive immigration reform” amnesty legalization we’ve already tried is a failure policy.


10441423_741598745881284_586884307952702609_n 10547575_741598662547959_8617065454230451754_n DSC02525 10151911_741598769214615_2007630646504875585_n

Protest pics at Mexican consulate in Raleigh, NC –

10475518_10204204568975942_6021391341015107665_n  10563064_10204204570055969_243273762822871352_n

More pics of nationwide protest from other cities available here:

To view our collection of pictures, videos, and news reports coming in from across America documenting the success of these historic protests, please visit this link..

& here:

Continue reading

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