DO THIS NOW – Call Your US Congressman

Call your congressman now, today, this afternoon, even if it’s after 5pm.  Tell them not to vote for Kevin McCarthy of Speaker of the House.

Tonight is the first round of voting for the next Speaker. It is very important your member of Congress votes for anybody except McCarthy.


If McCarthy is voted in, he will be more of the same as Boehner. Call now. Email now.  Find you Representative here.

Our Rep. Mark Meadows knows what to do, but call his office anyway so he has evidence that his constituents do not want McCarthy and more of the same. Call now 202- 225- 6401

Call Rep. Patrick McHenry’s office too. He’s voting for McCarthy. Stop him. 202- 225-2576.

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No Meeting Tonight

10/6 – NO Caldwell TEA Party meeting. Sorry.

10/20 – Caldwell TEA Party meeting. I am working on a great speaker for this meeting. THERE WILL BE A MEETING! We’ll be back in business. There will be a discussion on Medicare and the open enrollment season for your drug plans (Part D) and Medicare Advantage.

10/22 – THURSDAY – Caldwell TEA Party meeting with guest Mr. Ritter. He will speaking about “What We Are Up Against.” That’s all I can say because there is a fear of retaliation against him. Call Steve or Judy for more info. Location: Caldwell County Public Library, 120 Hospital Ave, Lenoir, NC 28645, at 7pm.

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I Support Our Local Law Enforcement

This blog post in long overdue. I have been thinking about writing this notice of support for several weeks now.  In the light of Sunday’s Aurora, Colorado, 911 call threatening the lives of officers who are seen alone, I have to write it now.

As president of Caldwell TEA Party, a citizen’s group interested in the rule of law and the constitution:

  • I wholeheartedly support our local law enforcement. all lives matter
  • I will watch out for local law enforcement officers.
  • I will to the best of my ability prevent harm from coming to local officers.
  • I believe all lives matter – black, white, and all shades in between.
  • It is disturbing that groups under the Black Lives Matter umbrella chant for death of police officers all over the country and their national Spokesperson downplays and dismisses what we hear – “Pigs in a blanket, fry’em like bacon!”
  • Black Lives Matter is inciting violence and should be investigated. It is a crime to incite violence.
  • Further, it is supremely disgraceful they continue their harmful rhetorical even through they continue to be protected by local law enforcement. See the police protection ahead of their group? By the way, they marched without a permit towards the Minnesota State Fair the very next day after the Harris County TX Sheriff’s Deputy Goforth was ambushed.
  • Again, I wholeheartedly support local law enforcement.

If you agree, please click on the 5th-star above to vote that you also support our local law enforcement.

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TEA Party Patriots

Caldwell TEA Party joined forces with national TEA Party Patriots (TPP) organization years ago. I was asked… a little while ago, to be the North Carolina Co-Coordinator of TPP with Mark Hager (Yadkin Valley TEA Party) and Dee Park (Moore TEA Citizens). I honored and will do my best to keep other groups informed about some the most pressing issues, as well as, promote and coordinate as many event with them. I just wanted to let you all know, or remind you, to patronize TPP’s website:  (I especially liked the article about 54% of Americans disapprove of Common Core. People are getting wise about this awful program.)

Tea Party Patriots Local Groups

The Tea Party Patriots depend on grassroots activism where it counts: near you.

Local Groups are the backbone of our activities across the nation. Our cause is driven by concerned Americans like you, who strive to inform, educate and engage their community about the issues that affect all of our lives.

All around the country, Tea Party Patriots have formed Local Groups to share information and promote the values we share.

Your browser will try determine your current location. Alternatively, you may type in a new city, state, zip code, or a group name to search. Join the grassroots movement and find a group near you!

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Reminder Rep. Mark Meadows Townhall Meeting at West Caldwell High School is Tonight

9/3 – REP. MARK MEADOWS TOWNHALL MEETING 6:30-8pm at West Caldwell High School, 300 W. Caldwell Street, Lenoir, NC 28645.

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Sheriff David Clarke from Milwaukee County in Southern Pines Oct 4th

10/4 – 6pm Moore TEA Citizens will be hosting a lecture by Milwaukee County Sheriff, David A. Clarke, Jr.  The event will benefit two excellent military-focused charities, Military Missions In Action and the Fisher House Foundation. Sponsored by Two Ranger Moms.  See the event Webite for details and reservations. 6pm Admission starting at $20 per person, more for VIP benefits. Location: Sandhills Community College, Owens Auditorium, 3395 Airport Rd, Pinehurst, NC 28374.  (2 hours and 48 minutes away.)

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Mark Levin Interviews Rep Mark Meadows on Removing Speaker Boehner

interview 7/28/15

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