Voter Interigrity Project 2012 investigations presented by Jay DeLancey


Jay DeLancey, Executive Director of Voter Intergrity Project of North Carolina, presented the latest news at Yakin Valley TEA Party meeting tonight about NC court cases and investigations around the state regarding instances of voter fraud.

First felony arrest from 2012 election was just made in 2015. This Republican voted in both the NC and FL elections.

3 Misdemeanor arrests were made for people who admittedly voted twice in 2008 election. They paid a $380 fine and were allowed to vote in the 2012 election.

Be careful NC ELECTION INTEGRITY PROJECT is a liberal collaborative group who is fund by the same people that are suing the state and Voter Inegrity Project of NC over required Photo ID. Please be careful when donating money.

DeLancey states we need to be vigilant at every precinct. Voter fraud of 5 or 7 or 2 or 1 too many. Many Officials don’t think it is a “real” problem because there are few votes. One race was decided by 6 votes in Alamance county. In town of Pembrook there was a tie 299/299 votes that was decided by drawing from a deck of cards. And, of course, then it was immediately challenged and another election was scheduled.

1. CLOSE CURBSIDE VOTER LOOPHOLE. If you ask for Curbside voting, you do not have to show ID.
2. OBSERVER BILL OF RIGHTS. Proposed the Observer should be able to hear voters’ names. By law Observers should be able to be at satelite voting locations during Early Voting.
3. It is only a CLASS I felony to commit voter fraud. (It is a Class H felony to remove pine straw – a more serious offense than a Class I felony.) CLASS 1A Misdemeanor to attempt to commit voter fraud.

This is where you can check a state database of addresses and all who are registered at the address. You can check your house, your neighbors, your children’s addresses.
There is a print out that can be generated that shows all who are registered at your house. You will get your name in the paper and called a racists, etc… There is a Challenge Preceeding that will take place. Only a resident ofnthat address can bring the Challenge.
It is vital that you check your address. MOORE TEA CITIZENS is championing this cause and canvassing apartment buildings by working with the apartment owners.

LAW FAIR bad players:
US Dept of Justice
Advancement Project
P.S. Poyner Spruill
— Defense funds needed to hold these bad players at bay. These orgs are suing the good guys. Lawsuits are not being brought by Voter Integrity Project. Donate to VOTER INTEGRITY PROJECT – NC, 4441 Six Forks Rd, Suite 106-233, Raleigh, NC 27609.

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Questions from Meeting with Craig Collins (Video)

On May 5, 2015 Craig Collins, one of three candidates for NCGOP Chairman, spoke before the Caldwell TEA Party group. Below are a few of the questions that were asked of him at the meeting. I, for one, appreciated his willingness to address some of these sensitive topics.

On “Reelect Burr” email: Collins answers a question about his statement that the party must ensure the reelection of Sen. Richard Burr.

On 2012 RNC actions, update: Collins answers a question regarding actions of the state party during the presidential nomination at the 2012 Republican National Convention. 2012 NC Delegates pledged to vote for Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum complained that their votes had been cast for Mitt Romney without their consent by then-delegation chair and party Vice-Chairman Wayne King. The state central committee formed an investigatory subcommittee to research the matter and address complaints in order to avoid legal action for state statute violation. To date, the subcommittee has taken no action to prevent the violation from occurring in the future.

On AJ Daoud RINO Hunter Attacks: Collins answers a question regarding recent attacks against another candidate (who has since officially declared).

On Whether Party Would Keep Executive Director Position: Collins answers a question pertaining to whether or not the state party will continue use of an executive director under his chairmanship.

On Salary: Collins answers a question regarding his anticipated salary for the position. 

On Former Running Mate Carolyn Justice: Collins answers questions regarding the circumstances of his former running mate, Carolyn Justice, dropping out of the race after Justice issued a statement that Dee Stewart (Collins’s campaign consultant) was the reason that she had to quit. (further reference:

“Are you a RINO?”: 

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I thought eVerify was a good idea

Recently, I found out that our NC Rep. George Robinson voted against eVerify legislation in the North Carolina House. The bill still passed, and I was relieved.  When I discussed this with some others, I found out that eVerify isn’t the solution I thought it was.

My assumption of eVerify:

Employer checks a national database with an prospective employee’s name, birth date, and Social Security number to make sure there is a match.  A match would prove the employee has the right to work in the USA. Or…

If the perspective employee has a Green Card and/or other legal document giving them the right to work on the USA, the employer would enter legal name, date of birth, document type, and number. Done. Instantly giving the employer a match that is approved or rejected.

The painful reality of eVerify:

Employer inputs a bunch of information into the database and eventually a paper letter is generated and sent to the employer to pass along to the prospective employee with information regarding employment status. “What?” you ask.  So if the employer hires the new employee and 30 days passes, a letter may come back to the employer regarding the new employee (but not for the employer to read), that tells the employee if they are authorized to work in the USA.  If they are not authorized to work in the USA, there is information on appealing the authorization rejection.  The burden is on the employee and the employer to comply with the law. The employer however can’t hire an employee who is not authorized to work in the USA – which puts them in a tough position with the law when they don’t know if they are legally allowed to work in this country.  The employee just wants a job and is in no hurry to walk away, thereby has no problem accepting appeal requests or delaying the process with re-checks if they are rejected.


Make eVerify work instantaneously like a credit/debt card transaction where the customer is either approved or declined.  No judgement, the customer either re-runs the same card, produces a new card, or pays in cash. How hard could that actually be to make eVerify work like that? (Oh, right it’s the federal government. Nothing is common-sense.)

From personal experience, I know that State Board of Elections and websites both verify this type of information instantaneously.

In my idea, the employer logs onto the federal website, enters prospective employee’s full legal name, date of birth, and social security number. Period.  With photo ID, the name, date, SS# match is either approved or rejected right then and there.  If approved, they get to work asap.

If rejected, the prospective employee can either double check the info and change it in a minor way to see if that resolves the mismatch issue. If they are not approved, and this is where reform is really necessary, the burden should only be on the perspective employee to straighten out the problem with the government and do all follow-up with the government, not the employer.

If the prospective employee has legal standing with employment authorization documents (EAD) to work, they would have no social security #, then a drop down box should be provided for choices of EAD: Green Card, fiancé visas,
“asylees, people with Temporary Protected Status, students who will be doing optional practical training or working off campus based on unforeseen economic need, spouses of J-2 exchange visitors, spouses of E-1/E-2 treaty traders and investors and L-1 intracompany transferees, applicants for suspension of deportation, people granted withholding of removal, and more.” [Http://]

There should be no fee for this service (that’s what our taxes pay for).  There should also be no database tracking of employers and employees.

My Conclusion:

Once again, the government has set up a system that has no common-sense and is an onerous burden on businesses, espeically small business. However, eVerify is the only system we have to verify whether people have legal standing to work in the United States and it should be used and reformed asap.

There must be a way to check whether people have the legal standing, or right, to work in the United States especially since we have such an illegal immigration problem. Those who are here legally should want the rule of law followed and probably want eVerify used in all hiring situations. I know I do.

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MEETINGS this week and next week

5/14 – Thursday – Caldwell TEA Party – NC State Representative George Robinson will be at the Lenoir library at 7:00pm  to give us an update on what is going in Raleigh with attention to the road tolls. Rep. Robert Brawley also be there to answer questions about toll roads.

5/19 – Caldwell TEA Party meeting. Candidate for NCGOP State Chair AJ Daoud 6th District Chair.  (Also, another candidate running for NCGOP Chairman, Hasan Harnett, will be speaking at another meeting at 6pm in Charlotte and will try to make it up to see us by 8pm.) Meeting will be at the Caldwell County Public Library, 120 Hospital Ave, Lenoir, NC 28645.

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Meeting Tuesday May 5

5/5 – Caldwell TEA Party meeting. Candidate for NCGOP State Chair CRAIG COLLINS, an attorney from Gastonia and 10th District Chairman, will come introduce himself and take a few questions. This will be at the Caldwell County Public Library, 120 Hospital Ave, Lenoir, NC 28645.

Why is thissssss important???
That is a great question! Why indeed. Political leadership is important. What makes Republican leaders tick? Have you ever wondered what the heck Karl Rove is thinking when he’s telling America what kind of a Primary candidate WE want??? Have you ever wondered when the last time  Rience Preibus talked to a real conservative – you know, one that actually believes in the GOP Platform? Have you wondered what is in the water the GOP leadership drinks? Come hear from Mr. Collins, candidate for NCGOP chairmanship, and why he wants to be state GOP Chair.

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Meeting tomorrow night 4/21

4/21 – Caldwell TEA Party meeting.  DISCUSSION about the Trevor Loudon presentation and short video. We will share Loudon’s dream team for 2016. Our speaker will be the new Caldwell County GOP Chairman Pete McIllwain. You will like what he had to say about unifying the party. As usual, the meeting will be at the Caldwell County Public Library, 120 Hospital Ave, Lenoir, NC 28645.

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11th District GOP Convention

All the details and information you need about the District Convention on April 25th is right here:

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