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MARCH 2015

3/3 – Caldwell TEA Party meeting.  Richard Holloway of Lenoir has just been appointed by Gov Pat McCrory to replace Judge Dellinger of the 25 District Court. Judge Holloway was with the district attorney’s office for the past 16 years so he is very familiar with the District Court system. Come and meet with him. Also some discussion of Net Neutrality and what it means for us.

3/5 - Caldwell Dems General Party meeting will be this Thursday at 5:30pm at 622 West Ave (in the basement office). There is a parking lot and street parking. This is in downtown Lenoir right beside the Rescue building – very near the Post Office. We are organizing precincts – hope to see you there!

3/14 – Caldwell County Republican Party county convention. Starts at 9am, registration opens around 8am.  This is open to all registered Republicans living in Caldwell County. It is free.  This is your best and only chance all year to make changes to YOUR party. Just show up! A new Chairman will be elected at this convention. DOORS WILL CLOSE AT 9AM. IF YOU ARE LATE, you will not be allowed to vote or participate.  At the Caldwell County Library, 120 Hospital Ave, Lenoir, NC  28645.

3/17 – Caldwell TEA Party meeting with guest Mike Faulkenberry a national director with the Convention of States Project will be our guest. It is important for us to find out why a convention is possible and how it would affect our country. For more info about this organization, see their website:  Come to the meeting with questions!  Article V is one remedy for out of control government.  Their solution. Their strategy. 7pm at the Caldwell County Library.


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Internet Content Regulation

Surprise! Net Neutrality will regulate the content of the internet. Today, Google is up in arms because their search analytics will be based on “factual” sites. That’s code for your search results will exclude FoxNews, WND, TheBlaze, TEA Party Patriots, and Caldwell TEA Party. “Factual” sites will be, MSNBC, Huffington Post, Daily KOS, Washington Post, MediaMatters, and Southern Poverty Law Center.

Besides content regulation, it will cost you and me and our fellow Americans $2 billion in new internet taxes and fees.  But that’s not what makes me angriest about this assault on free-speech.

I want to link to the new regulations, but they have not been released yet. As of this writing, the new regulations for Net Neutrality have not been posted to the FCC’s website yet. What are they hiding? What don’t they want us to know?

FCC Chairman Wheeler was asked to testify at a House Subcommittee on the new regulations. Chairman Wheeler declined. Why wasn’t he held in Contempt of Congress and put in jail???  How does Wheeler get away with not answering questions from Congress? I just don’t understand what is going on.

When the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) regulates broadcast TV, they regulate content, like the more adult TV shows can’t air before 10pm. Yes, broadcast/network TV is regulated, that’s why we have cable options with bad language, sex, and violence. But under Net Neutrality the same will happen to radio. Yes, radio content will be regulated. For every Rush Limbaugh time slot, there will have to be equal time for Left wing shows, moderate shows, LGBT show, global warming shows, etc…. Yes, the content of radio will be effected and your choices will be limited. So even if those Lefty shows have no audience, radio stations will be forced to air them anyway, if they want to keep Rush on the air. So forget having Glenn Beck, Rush, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, Laura Ingrahm, Mark Levin, and George Noory all on one station. That won’t be allowed according to FCC regulations.  YOU SHOULD CARE ABOUT THIS!!

When you use Google to search for “Global Warming”, the top results are pro-global warming and climate change BS sites.  The Oregon Petition, over 31,000 scientists who have signed a petition stating that Global Warming is not man made, would not show up in the top results. I looked through 4 pages of results, and it didn’t come up. So, I Googled “global warming oregon petition,” and it wasn’t even the top return! Who does control the internet??  It’s only going to get worse if Net Neutrality takes full effect.

Well, the search returns are always ranked by an ultra-top-secret method (analytics) according to something we can’t know. Really, exact method of rankings are secret.  We, conservatives, have long thought the results were politically manipulated, but now it will be way worse under Net Neutrality when the King will determine what is, and is not, “factual.” Ha!!  The King, Barack Hussein Obama, is going to decide what is, and is not, “factual” – oh spare me!

Obama wouldn’t know truth if it was in his roomy mom-jeans. Obama already lives in some alternate universe where the economy is roaring, terrorism isn’t Islamic, everyone has a job, our $18 trillion national debt is a good thing, and there’s no danger awaiting us on the southern border.  He’s nuts. The King has no clothes. It’s 1984.

Yep, I’ve known that Net Neutrality will regulate content of radio, TV, cable, and internet for years.  Why did it take these lefty, free-speech, free-internet groups so long to catch a clue?? Did they relay on what the King’s court told them? If everyone had just listened to the TEA Party groups and conservative talk radio across the country about Obamacare and Net Neutrality, we could have spared them all these shocks.


Republican FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai has been outspoken against Net Neutrality regulations.  He was on FoxNews last week holding up the thousand pages of new regulations, but said he was not permitted to share the contents with anyone until after the vote. “The vote ‘imposes intrusive government regulations that won’t work to solve a problem that doesn’t exist using legal authority the FCC doesn’t have,’ said Ajit Pai….”  It passed 3-2 along party lines.

A collection of Pai’s editorials and commentaries:


The FCC has not released the new regulations yet. I guess they had to pass it to know what’s in it?  As soon as, it is released for public view, I will share the link.

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Unconstitutional/illegal amnesty, DHS funding fraud update

Immigration Activists and Concerned Citizens,


Our two U.S. Senators from North Carolina as well as the other Senators.  They need to know you are totally against the amnesty.   This is another step, but it is important.

Contact our two U.S. Senators from North Carolina and tell them to VOTE YES on any separate bill to stop Obama’s amnesty, BUT  BUT if that bill does not pass, they must only vote for the DHS bill if it defunds the amnesty for illegals.  Their voting has to block or defund the amnesty period.  Funding the DHS’s AMNESTY processing is illegal because the court has not resolved its decision that TX Judge ruled unconstitutional.

Call other U.S. Senators and give them an earful —…nators_cfm.cfm

ADD THIS LATEST NEWS: (Wealthy Elites threatening Republicans with money)–

Major GOP Donors Demand Amnesty for Support in 2016

Last Tuesday, three top Republican donors sent a message to all potential Republican presidential candidates: only those who support amnesty can expect to receive money from themselves or their network of large donors. (Partnership for a New American Economy Press Release, Feb. 17, 2015; US News and World Report, Feb. 17, 2015) These three multimillionaire GOP donors, health care CEO Mike Fernandez, fast-food CEO Andrew Puzder, and private equity manager Spencer Zwick, are influential Republican fundraisers who backed Mitt Romney’s 2012 campaign. They issued their demand for amnesty during a conference call organized by the pro-amnesty group Partnership for a New American Economy. (Id.; Tuesday’s call was part of a teleconference series moderated by prominent Republican amnesty proponent Grover Norquist, of the group Americans for Tax Reform. (Partnership for a New American Economy Press Release, Feb. 17, 2015)

th (2) CEO Andrew Puzder

Mike_Fernandez_2 CEO Mike Fernandez

Despite these donors’ insistence that adopting their immigration position will help the Republican nominee appeal to the general electorate, the evidence shows that the voters who determine the winners of general elections do not actually share the immigration priorities of these multimillionaires. For instance, a Gallup poll last month found that only 7% of American adults want an increase in immigration levels, and nearly six times as many want a decrease. (Gallup, Jan. 29, 2015) Polling from last November’s election showed 80% of voters surveyed wanted new jobs created by the economy to go to American workers and legal immigrants already in the country rather than additional immigrants. (The Polling Company, Nov. 6, 2014) November’s elections also showed that when immigration enforcement is on the ballot, untied to either candidate or party, it wins big. In Democratic leaning Oregon last November, opposition to giving driver’s licenses to illegal aliens proved more popular in than any candidate on the ballot, getting a landslide 68% of the vote. (See FAIR Legislative Update, Nov. 11, 2014)


It is truly a shame when some citizens are willing to turn on their fellow citizens in order to get cheap illegal labor……..these CEO’s don’t care that their anti-America greed harms American society, creates lawlessness/crime, with no allegiance or loyalty to the very society they operate in and get wealthy from. NO decency for laws of legal entry that is National Security defense where Legal Immigrants respect America.

It is the President who is threatening our homeland security, no serious background checks can be done on five million illegals, and Obama is taking the side of illegal aliens by giving them legal work permits over millions of citizens who need jobs.

Call:  U.S. Senator Richard Burr    (800) 685-8916 at his Winston-Salem office or (202) 224-3154 at his Washington, DC office  or email at


Call:  U.S. Senator Thom Tillis    (704) 334-2448 at his Charlotte office or (202) 224-6342 at his Washington, DC office  or  email at

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No Meeting Thursday

The Lenoir News Topic has an error in the community calendar. There is no meeting tonight.

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Illegal Immigration/amnesty update

Immigration debate — pro-illegal Alien Groups, sellout anti-America greedy Corporate Globalists will now make the false straw arguments and same cliche’ remarks to make you think nothing can be done but doing amnesty — when in fact Border Protection, National Security and making legal entry by enforcing laws is possible and NECESSARY for the good of America’s well-being and health!!

Falsehoods, myth, statements on immigration :

“can’t deport 1-11 million illegal Aliens” — process of enforcing laws, making illegal entry a felony will DETER to make illegal Aliens self-deport/leave.  Positive results occur as they did in Alabama under new State Laws prohibiting illegal Aliens in schools, with driver licenses, or in rental contracts.  Border Patrol doing their job and police in normal course of duty doing their job.

“immigration system is broken” — No, its just not enforced and if it were it works for America and LEGAL Immigrants like it has done so for millions of LEGAL Immigrants without complaint or problem thru our U.S. history — and without demands made by foreign Nations of Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, etc.

“Immigrant Rights” — Immigrants don’t have Rights, they can apply for legal entry…ILLEGAL Aliens are NOT Immigrants and have NO Rights to anything in the U.S. certainly when they just walk-in to then steal.

“President’s Border crossing numbers are down” — because can’t record numbers of illegal Aliens you don’t see and catch hence its because Border Patrol and ICE are NOT doing their job as 1000’s just walk-in undetected– cooked made-up numbers.

“contributes to economy” “out of shadows” — illegal immigration is a NET NEGATIVE IMPACT to all of society — illegal Aliens and their Enablers (like Immigration Lawyers, illegal cheap labor sellout Corporates who could care less about an American Nation for their greed) committed crimes to make themselves ‘in the shadows’

— Others to follow

Press Release from ALIPAC (

Americans Call on Congress to Shut Down DHS

American activists are calling Congress today to demand lawmakers shut down the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) because DHS has failed to stop illegal immigrants and terrorists from entering America while at the same time violating the US Constitution, existing US immigration laws, and the Rule of Law by implementing Obama’s unconstitutional and illegal amnesty decrees!

Recent revelations also indicate that the Obama administration has secretly given out millions of work visas using shadowy government tactics that were not authorized by Congress or current laws and now has plans to do the same with 4 million illegal aliens that are prohibited by current laws from being encouraged or employed in America. Congress passed a funding bill for DHS that contains provisions to defund Obama’s most recent amnesty decree and his DACA (Deferred Action Amnesty) from two years ago but that bill has hit a stalemate in the Senate where Democrat Senators are protecting illegal aliens and Obama’s violations of the laws and Constitution.

Since the year 2000, there have been 2 legal and illegal immigrants (18 million) entering America for every job created and most of the new job creation has gone to foreign born workers instead of beleaguered US workers!

“It would be better to shut down DHS than to have federal employees engaging in unlawful and unconstitutional actions that harm American lives and put us all at risk for increased illegal immigration and terrorism,” said President of ALIPAC. “We plan to put Congress on a deadline soon to stop Obama and shut down the parts of DHS engaging in the unlawful actions or We The People will be forced to take nonviolent but aggressive actions on our own!”

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC ( is asking Americans from coast to coast to use this contact information link (click here) to get on the phones to tell Congress to “Shut Down DHS! Shut Down Obama’s Unconstitutional Actions!”

“You don’t have to be a lawyer to know what Obama is doing by using our tax monies to encourage, aid, and abet the deadly illegal immigration invasion of America is unconstitutional and harmful!” said founder of Overpasses for America. “Americans have spoken out at protests, in the elections, and by stopping the amnesty bill S. 744 in Congress, yet the same nation destroying agenda is proceeding in Obama’s hands. Congress must act or American citizens will have to do their job for them!”

Obama is taking actions designed to mimic legislation that Congress and the American public have defeated several times. ALIPAC and Overpasses for America contend that if Obama can do that, then peaceful and nonviolent American citizens can take actions to enforce the laws that did pass Congress!

Congress still has time to do their jobs and Americans are encouraged to call and make it clear that it would be better to shut down DHS than to have it operate as a heavily armed privacy invading wing of the government that is not operating under the Rule of Law!

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Canceled Meeting Tuesday

Since the weather is going to continue to be bad, and our guest speaker is traveling from several hours away, TOMORROW’S, TUESDAY 2/17, MEETING IS CANCELED. The speaker, Mike Faulkenberry will be re-scheduled for March.

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Illegal executive order amnesty update — Democrats oath –ignore Constitution, risk National Security of U.S. –harm Middle Class and Poor

10522434_10152639743343854_3893712493469377084_n  10410953_10152347828851707_8600589037574634206_n

safe_image (14)  10344786_10152940698079474_112421502303668286_n


Immigration Activists and Concerned Citizens,

US Senate Democrats voted for the third time in a row, NOT to even allow discussion on the DHS bill to defund Obama’s unlawful amnesty for illegal immigrants.​  In this case the Senate Democrats and President Obama are holding America hostage……allow an amnesty for five million illegals or we won’t allow funding for DHS to protect America’s homeland security.  In other words, US Senate Democrats and Obama believe illegal immigrants take precedence over citizens……   

Our two U.S. Senators from North Carolina, Sen Burr and Sen Tillis, voted the right way again along with all Senate Republicans except one.   

It is borderline traitorous for Senate Democrats and President Obama to prefer illegal aliens over their fellow citizens… claim they want homeland security but then plan to give five million in effect unknown illegal aliens ID documents and work permits to allow them to remain in the USA……not to mention our continued “real actual” high unenployment rate.  Yes we need to have an honest discussion about who really does care about our citizens and our nation.

U.S. Representative Mark Meadows rightly states (per facebook): “Q to my Democratic colleagues: Are you really willing to block ‪#‎DHS‬ funding to protect the President’s unconstitutional executive overreach? ‪#‎StopExecutiveAmnesty

‘Power of the purse’ is proper check on Executive branch when there is such a blatant disregard for the will of the People, the U.S. Constitution and the U.S. Laws


Senate Democrats on Thursday blocked, for the third time in as many days, a Homeland Security spending measure that would also torpedo President Obama’s executive actions on immigration.

Similar to the previous two votes, Sen. Dean Heller (R-Nev.) joined nearly every Senate Democrat in opposing the roughly $40 billion spending bill. Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) switched his vote from “yes” to “no” in order to preserve his ability to bring the measure to the floor again.

The other Republicans all voted for the measure in the 52-47 procedural vote, leaving the Senate eight votes short of the 60 needed to begin debate on the bill. Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) was absent.

McConnell cast the vote as just the latest example of Democratic obstruction, openly wondering why Democrats wouldn’t even be willing to debate the measure. Read more at TheHill – The Hill News – See more at:

Thanks in part to your continued activism, the Senate Leadership team appears to be committed to continue offering motions to start debate on the House-passed DHS funding bill. This week alone, they’ve attempted to start debate three times only to have the Senate Democrats block the bill from moving to the floor each time.

The Senate, however, will likely go into recess during the week of the President’s Day holiday, and DHS funding runs out at the end of the month.

THESE 7 DEMOCRATS  KNOW THEY ARE DOING WRONG — per their prior statements:

Here’s what they said:

  • Indiana, Senator Joe Donnelly – “I am as frustrated as anyone that Congress is not doing its job, but the president shouldn’t make such significant policy changes on his own.”
  • Maine, Senator Angus King – “I also frankly am concerned about the constitutional separation of powers. You know, the Constitution says that the Congress makes the law and the president executes it. It’s a very clear division. The Framers knew what they were doing and it doesn’t say if the president gets frustrated and Congress doesn’t act, he gets to do, you know, what he thinks is important for the country.”
  • Virginia, Senator Mark Warner – “big issue like immigration, the best way to get a comprehensive solution is to take this through the legislative process.”
  • Missouri, Senator Claire McCaskill – “Our immigration system is broken, and I support a comprehensive plan to fix it, but executive orders aren’t the way to do it.” She continued, “I have to be honest, how this is coming about makes me uncomfortable, I think it probably makes most Missourians uncomfortable.”
  • Montana, Senator Jon Tester –  ”I would prefer that Congress act, yes.”
  • North Dakota, Senator Heidi Heitkamp – It’s Congress’ job to pass legislation and deal with issues of this magnitude.”
  • West Virginia, Senator Joe Manchin – I disagree with the President’s decision to use executive action to make changes to our immigration system…” He continued, “I wish he wouldn’t do it.”
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