Greg Brannon on Glenn Beck’s radio show

 Glenn Beck interviews US Senate candidate Greg Brannon on February 18, 2014. (17 minutes)

Glenn Beck interviews Greg Brannon on April 19th, 2014.  (16 minutes)

Greg and Jody Brannon on, 4/10/14.

If you are so moved, click here to help the campaign

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Meeting at AJ’s Steakhouse tonight

4/15 – Caldwell TEA Party meeting.  6pm dinner and 7pm for the meeting.  LOCATION CHANGE: AJ’s Steakhouse in Lenoir on Hwy-321.   ALL CANDIDATES WELCOME and ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND. 

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Dr. Brannon Campaign in Lenoir Tomorrow

FYI – The Greg Brannon campaign is doing a tour across North Carolina; they will be stopping in several Western NC towns tomorrow. The Lenoir stop will be: 2:45 – 3:30 PM – 1841 Café, 117 Main Street NW Lenoir, NC

Check the entire schedule for the Saturday stops here:

Brannon on the Blaze TV yesterday:

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Sheriffs’ Debate in the Works

People are working on organizing a Caldwell County Sheriffs’ debate between both Republican candidates. Dates being considered 4/22, 4/24, or 4/17.  At this time, no one is officially hosting this debate.

Lance Wilson challenged Jones to a debate at the GOP Convention on 3/29, and the Sheriff accepted from podium, “I will debate anybody, anytime, anywhere.”  Sheriff Jones campaign is checking their schedule. Wilson’s campaign has accepted.  

WJRI has expressed interest in moderating the debate, provided the format is fair for all.

A location is in the works, either the Civic Center or the Library or ???

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Meeting Tuesday 4/1

4/1 – Caldwell TEA Party meeting. Candidate for US Senate Mark Harris will be our guest. 7pm for the meeting.  2nd LOCATION CHANGE: Caldwell County Library, 120 Hospital Ave, Lenior, NC 28645.     ALL CANDIDATES WELCOME. 

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Establishment Neocon Republicans lacking Conservative fundamentals harming America

 This op-ed letter has been written to bring understanding, insight to clarify the ideas and principles of the Conservatives/Tea Party Republicans in regard to why the differences with the ‘moderate’ Republican Establishment is problematic. I wish this subject did not exist, that all Republicans would have pro-America stances that are abiding the Constitution, but some things have to be said for America’s well-being. Many of the moderate Republican establishment claim they are conservative, talk the conservative talk in saying they want America to do better but their actions show that they are not conservative at all, they are self-serving, or worse seek policy that declines America. These Republicans keep selling out America for the worse. There is no denying that the Federal government being too big is the main focal point today currently that generates most of the problem for America yet we still have Republicans that see no problem with the current massive government and want to continue on with doing more of the same, the same status quo that is degrading America. An authoritative,over intrusive, too big Federal government is exactly what was not intended by America’s Founders and exactly what the U.S. Constitution disallows because such a government becomes harmful to the People that denigrates a Nation into poverty where there is then only an Elite ruling class ruling over peasants. The ‘moderate’ Republican Establishment perspective is a construct of false conservatism. 

How is it that every time a Constitutional Conservative stands up for America, the Bill of Rights or our sovereignty of independence (issues of NSA 4th Amendment violations, Border Security/immigration, free trade, foreign aid waste, military intervention in foreign affairs) there is the Establishment Republicans saying, ‘NO, you can’t do that because its ….”isolationism” or “protectionism”’. So if Republicans of the ‘old guard’ establishment claim they want a better America with prosperity, strength then what is the problem with standing up for America’s well-being, seeing that America benefits with advantages in its actions, standing up for the U.S. Constitution’s founding principles, America’s Right to defend, protect and promote itself as a sovereign Nation? A Pro-America common sense Constitutional conservative stance is the stance of Conservative, the Tea Party, Independents that make up the majority of the American People. Standing up for the Constitution to deny too big government, international government, to deny frauding/bilking abusing the liberty of the American People to see that America is put FIRST is NOT isolationist or protectionist – it is wise decision of common sense Pro-America that stands up for our Nation and flag to not be harmfully exploited into decline. America DOES NOT have an obligation to the world. It is NOT America’s obligation to destroy itself, destroy it’s territorial integrity, to destroy its principles of freedom to become NOT free under socialism in giving itself away to the rest of the world. America does not have to be like France and anyone saying that America should be like some other Nation (giving up the 2nd Amendment for example) seeks harm on the U.S. Continue reading

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Meeting Tuesday, 3/18, at AJ’s Steakhouse

3/18 -  Caldwell TEA Party meeting.  US Senate candidate Heather Grant will be guest.  ALL CANDIDATES WELCOME.  6pm dinner and 7pm for the meeting. Location: AJ’s Steakhouse in Lenoir on Hwy-321.

3/20 – District Attorney (DA) Forum at the Green Room Auditorium in Newton at 6:30pm(?).  Contact Steve Graves on facebook for more info.

3/22 – Foothills Oathkeepers meeting.  Sheriff Jones will be the guest. 1pm at the Caldwell County Library. Meetings are open to the public.

See the full calendar here:

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