Door Knocking for Trump Saturday at 9am PLEASE HELP

Meet us at 9am if you would like to do a couple hours of door knocking for Donald Trump or Lt. Gov. Dan Forest.

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!  You don’t need any experience. You will be given all materials. Forest campaign is only hanging door hanger cards; no questions. The Trump campaign has 3 quick questions for you to ask people.  It’s easy and fun. PLEASE HELP.

Meet at 9am at Caldwell County Republican Headquarters in Downtown Lenoir at 813 West Ave, Lenoir, NC  28645.

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no meeting tonight

Meetings to resume as needed. Please keeping checking.

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AMNESTY By Any Other Name – Why “comprehensive immigration reform” is Amnesty and why there can no longer be allowed any Legal Status Amnesty for ‘undocumented immigrants’ (Illegal Aliens) (Legal Status for illegal Aliens = Amnesty) (Immigration Control IS National Security)


In what has become the status quo crony manner of Washington DC, legislation like ‘immigration reform’ per “comprehensive immigration reform” has been attempted with back room “deals” (betrayals) and closed door meetings. Legislation that is created or suddenly appears from pre-constructed works by illegitimate sources such as the ‘Czar Advisors’, outside “think tanks” or organizations such as Ford Foundation, NCLR or Chamber of Commerce is made 1000’s of pages to be rushed to be voted on has – the “devil is in the details” — and of course therein lies the betrayal, sham lie and outright backstabbing harm done to America and the American People that can last years. In short, ‘Immigration Reform’ can be designed to betray, undermine America which is what ‘Comprehensive Immigration Reform’ does.

The destructive details of “comprehensive immigration reform” drawn up Wash DC Elites and anti-America open Border Profiteers is why it is an Amnesty. The amnesty known as “comprehensive immigration reform” is the same false betrayal that it has been since the 1986 amnesty. Those promoting the Amnesty action for illegal Aliens try to use relabels or code terms to hide or cover-up the exact same amnesty betrayal job on Americans using terms like “temporary legal status”, “out of the shadows”, “normalization”, “path to citizenship”, “earned legalization”, “migrant worker”, “temporary worker plan”, “permanent resident Aliens”, “work permits for undocumented immigrants”, “registered provisional immigrant (RPI) status”, “Shielding illegal immigrants from deportation”, or “Prosecutorial discretion to NOT enforce U.S. immigration laws” or bringing “undocumented immigrants to get right with the Law” or the oxymoron “lawful illegal Aliens”. The most recent attempt version that was in fact the exact same betrayal ‘shaft job’ was the S. 744 bill brought forward by the Senate group known as the “Gang of Eight”, most recently in 2013 but is also the same as what was rejected by the American People that was attempted in 2006, 2007 by President Bush.

First off Illegal Aliens are NOT Immigrants, they are foreign Nationals intruding that violates National Laws. LEGAL Immigrants that are controlled by Laws ARE WELCOME IN AMERICA. So there is a difference between Legal and Illegal as Illegal Aliens are not Immigrants but are Criminals. If you are an Illegal Alien (undocumented Immigrant) you are a negative impact and are NOT welcome in America.

Second off, LEGAL STATUS OF ANY FORM (“work permits”, ID Cards, Executive Orders,etc.) IS AN AMNESTY. Illegal Aliens being allowed to stay in the U.S. and to not be subject to enforcement of immigration laws or deportation thru ANY form or termed ‘legal status’ IS an AMNESTY by definition of the word ‘Amnesty’ because it removes U.S. Law Continue reading

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No Meeting Aug 16

8/16 – NO ———Caldwell TEA Party meeting. We’re working on a Voter Guide. At upcoming meetings, we will be focusing on School Board. We’ll get a schedule out soon for meetings between now and the November Election.

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Homeschooling on the Rise in NC

Between 2007-2008 and 2015-2016, there has been a 77% increase in Caldwell County. Statewide Homeschooling has increased 65%.

Caldwell County Schools Superintendent Steve Stone is quoted as saying, ‘Most choose homeschooling for religious reasons. While others choose this option because public school is too challenging for their children.’

My opinion, he hasn’t met a homeschooled kid, or he would know just how ridiculous that statement is. Too challenging?? LMAO

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Meeting tonight with Ody Crist

Meeting at 7pm at the library. Oddie Crist has news for us about Common Core.

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Immigration is a problem when lawless, unchecked non-adaptive to America..what’s going on..

Stated — grant (money) will be used for “Educating public on merits on expanded immigration” — trying to tell you what is good for you when you know this means cost and loss to your family — declining jobs, income, opportunities for Americans, middle class and poor and current Legal Immigrants.

This explains A LOT!  Why and what is the desire for unlimited immigration, essentially NO U.S. immigration Law, NO enforcement that we have seen — because this is the path and means to declaring there are no such things as Countries or Nations anymore –there is only government per decrees from what the wealthy Elite Global Government want to serve them…This is the basis of the European Union and United Nations — because as liberal thinking goes ‘We (the world) are all One’ big family collective’ that needs to be nice, happy and controlled like slaves.    Immigration is NOT just a business to move people across Borders to fill jobs (flood the job market) to be paid dirt wages like human Automatons (robots) while turning Nations into 3rd world status.  This is tearing down, not building up.    Power to the People means freedom and the freedom to control our sovereignty, our Borders and house.


What has been attempted or being done by the current Obama administration is an end run around Law, the American People and Congress to just go and do without Congress approval!!!  What are so-called “New Americans” and the “New American Economy”.  Essentially it is meant to flood America with over excessive immigration to replace American Workers and dilute idea of having U.S. Citizenship as basis for U.S. governmental structure.


On November 21, 2014, the President established the White House Task Force on New Americans—a government-wide effort tasked with better integrating immigrants and refugees into American communities.  Stated by Obama as, “Our proud tradition of continually welcoming immigrants and refugees from around the world is part of what makes America exceptional. We’re bound together by the power of a simple idea—that everyone willing to work hard and play by the rules is welcome.”  PLAY BY THE RULES?! — NO, this is Obama committing law-breaking and furthermore ILLEGAL Aliens being brought in and handed welfare and assistance is NOT ‘Play by the Rules’ which is current immigration law that illegal Aliens are not allowed access and need to be enforced against and deported. Continue reading

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